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Mississauga, ON L5R 4C1
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Optometrists in Mississauga

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Eye Exams - Contact Lenses - Vision Care in Mississauga - Westpoint Optical

Optometrist in Mississauga

Eyeglasses & Contact Lenses in Mississauga

At Westpoint Optical, we’re all about helping you to see clearly with the best eyewear to meet your needs. Our incredible selection of eyewear will satisfy all of your vision requirements and stylistic preferences. We only stock the best brands of eyeglasses and contact lenses in our boutique store, serving patients from Mississauga, Ontario.

Your child’s eye care and eyewear needs are important to us as well. That’s why we offer children’s eye exams specifically geared toward them. We also offer a wide selection of the latest in playful, comfortable and durable frames for kids. We want your kids to love their glasses, which is why we stock frames that kids love, like Disney, Marvel, Nano, Fashion Forward, Ray-Bans, and Versace.

Call us to make an appointment with our optometrists to talk about your eyeglasses, contact lenses or specialty lens needs. Drop in anytime to browse through our large selection of designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses!

Need An Eye Exam, Glasses, Sunglasses or Contact Lenses?

Westpoint Optical offers an authentic shopping experience in our community and surrounding areas.

We have a large showroom of glasses and sunglasses for you to try on and select which set of frames works best for you!

With frames from many famous designers, an extensive array of materials is available, and all of our eyewear is durable and made to last. In addition to rimless frames, you can choose colorful plastics, stainless steel, titanium, and other premium metals.

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays (and to look fantastic!), don’t forget to take a look at our display of stylish sunglasses.

Woman Wearing Ray-Ban Eyeglasses in Mississauga
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Eye Disease Management

Early detection and treatment of eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration are a central part of maintaining good long-term and short-term vision and eye health. Want to know how we can help? Find out here!

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We offer a large selection of the latest cutting-edge contact lenses on the market today. From daily and monthly disposable soft lenses to rigid gas permeable lenses, we have what you need. Come see for yourself what we can do to help!

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Eye exams at go above and beyond simply checking for 20/20 vision. We’ll evaluate your risk for eye diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration, check for signs of vision loss or damage from these diseases, ensure your eyes are working together properly to provide quality vision, and more. Our skilled eye care team is waiting to see you!