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5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

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Glasses can be a significant lifestyle change for anyone, especially children. If your child won’t wear their glasses, it may be because they don’t realize how much they will help their vision, or perhaps, they think the new eyewear will cause problems at school.

Here are five simple ways to help your child adjust to wearing their new glasses (and how to give them the confidence to do so):

Best Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing Glasses

Tip #1: Make caring for their new glasses a part of their daily routine.

The best way to adjust to something new is to make it something regular and comfortable. Time and patience are important, and teaching your child to take care of their new glasses can help with the transition.

Take the time to teach your child to clean their glasses in the morning before putting them on. Have a designated place to keep their glasses at night when they aren’t wearing them. Whether it be a nice case or a glasses holder on their bedside table, this routine is a great way to help your child adjust to wearing glasses.

Tip #2: Make sure the glasses fit and are comfortable.

Uncomfortable glasses can make the adjustment much more difficult. Adjusting to symptoms of wearing new glassescan often be discouraging to a child and make them not want to wear them.

Ensure your child’s eyewear fits and that it is comfortable to wear. If your child is athletic, ensure the glasses will stay put during physical activity.

Tip #3: Use positive reinforcement when your child wears their glasses without reminding them.

Use positive reinforcement to remind your child that they are doing good when they wear their glasses. Give them a high five or words of praise. These things will encourage them and remind them that wearing glasses is a good thing.

There is an adjustment period to anything new, and positive reinforcement can help your child form good habits and adjust to wearing their new glasses with ease.

Tip #4: Show them that wearing glasses is more common than they think.

Some children are hesitant to wear glasses because they feel uncomfortable with how they look. They also may feel like glasses may them look less cool.

If this is your child, show them pictures of young celebrities or comic-book characters who wear glasses. If a child associates glasses with someone like Clark Kent or Superman, they might feel more comfortable in them.

Tip #5: Help them understand that the glasses will make their life easier.

Remind your child that wearing glasses will help them see and improve upon their life. It isn’t easy to go through the day unable to see clearly, but the glasses will help them to see and enjoy activities.

Have your child wear their glasses during their favorite activities so that they can see what a big difference it can make to be able to see well.

Summary: How to Help Your Child Adjust to Wearing New Glasses

We can all agree that getting your child to wear glasses can be difficult, but with patience and a routine, you will see that the transition and adjustment period will go much more smoothly.

Here are the best ways to help your child adjust to wearing glasses:

  • Create a routine to care for the glasses.
  • Make sure the glasses are the right size.
  • Use positive reinforcement to create the habit of wearing glasses.
  • Show your child that glasses can be cool.
  • Show them that wearing glasses will improve their life.

Your child will be comfortable and wearing glasses happily before you know it.

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