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5 Coolest Sunglass Trends For Fall 2021

Wearing sunglasses while enjoying the fresh outdoor air is essential to keeping your eyes safe from the sun’s damaging UV rays all year round. What many don’t know is that sunglasses are especially important to wear during the fall, due to the sun’s position in the sky and the angle at which its rays enter your eyes. The following types of sunglasses are our picks for the most stylish way to keep your eyes safe this fall.

The Trendiest Sunglasses of the Year

Oversized “Granny” Frames These sunglasses are the perfect accessory for a vintage-inspired look. They look great with almost any hairstyle: straight hair, beachy waves, or messy bun. Granny frames come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and styles to complement a multitude of different face shapes and skin tones.


aviator sunglasses Will aviators ever go out of style? Considering they’ve been trending for over 7 decades, we think they’re here to stay. In 2021, we are seeing eyewear designers add innovative features to aviators ray bans, such as pops of color, clear plastic rims, and cat-eye sunglasses, colored lenses, coloured contact lenses, contact lens, eyeglass frames, eye glasses, contact lenses, aviator sunglasses, progressive lenses, clear glasses, aviator glasses, persol sunglasses, gucci sunglasses women


Geometric Shaped Frames These sunglasses are for the bold and the brave. Geometric frames feature an array of shapes from octagons and hexagons to slightly round glasses styles. They’re also available in small designs or oversized to accommodate several face shapes. These styles add an edginess to almost any look sunglasses for men.


Round Glasses Frames The round sunglasses frames of 2020 pay tribute to their retro, hippie, or steampunk predecessors, but with modern variations. We are seeing round frames with creative additions and lenses, for a chic twist. Round sunglasses suit many face shapes, but especially oval, square, burberry sunglasses oblong, and heart-shaped faces.


Protective Shield Sunglasses What makes these sunglasses unique is their continuous lens, which spans over both eyes and bridge of the nose. While we’ve seen these sunglasses trending in the past, the ones of 2020 are more bold and eye-catching than ever before. These sunglasses are a perfect choice for those who appreciate a sporty yet glamorous look.


If you’ve been looking for a fresh way to change up your look, new sunglasses can be your answer. Especially in the fall months, don’t skip on the sunglasses when outdoors. At Westpoint Optical in Brampton, we offer a wide range of sunglasses in many stylesshapes, and colorsmens sunglasses so there’s something for everyone.

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